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We Are Urban Eatin’

Urban Eatin' Landscapes is a small group of gardeners committed to using organic and holistic techniques to build and maintain vegetable, herb and native perennial gardens for Winnipeg's private and public spaces. We have experience with various techniques of light footprint, integrated gardening and permaculture principles. We believe that your home and your community should provide you with shelter and sustenance. So we offer to help make your outdoor space a place of beauty, food, and comfort by enabling people to grow their own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and native perennial gardens through consultations, design, workshops and hands-on learning. We install natural stone and reclaimed brick pathways/patios, and build garden accessories out of reclaimed wood, including compost bins, raised beds, trellises and more.

We are available for consultations to help you plan your urban garden to assure maximum production and to minimize maintenance. Together we will tailor the garden to suit your desires. You may then choose to have us come and implement the plan, collecting the seedlings, procuring the seeds, and installing your dream garden in your yard using low-impact landscaping techniques. Through the season you may find it helpful for us to return to help with the work load and offer suggestions to make your gardening experience uplifting and educational. You may not have time to tend your garden at all. In which case we could tend it for you, coming weekly to irrigate and weed. As a matter of fact, we could be your own personal farmers, planting, weeding, harvesting, and leaving the eating to you and your family.

Many agree that there are many costs of unhealthy eating -- on our health, environment and society. Organic food is expensive. The average morsel of food in North America travels thousands of miles just to grace our tongues; it travels too far. Why not make your diet as local as it gets and grow food for your family right in your own yard? We are here to help you with that.

In the spring of 2015, we rebranded ourselves as Urban Eatin' Landscapes, although our legal name is still Urban Eatin' Gardeners Worker Cooperative Ltd.

For people who have always wanted the joys of a garden – the beauty and the bounty – but never seem to find the time to get started, we offer our services; for people who have always gardened but can no longer maintain their former pace, we offer a helping hand.

Founded the Worker Co-op
Almost 10 years ago we started as a worker co-op with four founding members. The members have changed over the years, and we continue to grow every year in our services and staff.
Move to Social Enterprise Centre
After 5 years, we moved into our space at the Social Enterprise Centre, a renovated warehouse space in North Point Douglas. We have a small office, storage space and a basic wood shop. The neighbours are wonderful, and include BUILD, MGR, CEDnet, Aki Energy, CCPA, LITE / SPP, Youth MITT, InnerCity Renovation.

We are very proud to be a worker co-op -- bringing democracy to the workplace! Employees can become members after 1-season of full-time employment. Each member gets one vote and an equal share of any profits. "The goal is to provide the best possible employment conditions for the members and to provide the customers and community with a service or product at a fair price that meets their needs and leads to a sustainable community."


Sustainable food system in Winnipeg!

We envision a more just, sustainable food system, where people in urban spaces can work towards localizing food production, lessening our ecological footprint, working cooperatively, building community thus working towards food sovereignty in the city of Winnipeg.

Mission: serving you and the community

Our mission is to help enable urban people and places to become more food secure through the development of sustainable, healthy, edible landscapes; to develop viable livelihoods for enthusiastic, landless, urban gardeners/farmers using a grassroots, cooperative business model; and to effect positive social change.

By offering community members the opportunity to explore the joys of gardening and food production at their own paces and in their own spaces. We intend to use this model as a foundation from which we can explore other projects that fit into our public education mandate. For example, the establishment and development of school-yard gardens and community gardens.

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The Landscapers

Urban Eatin' is proud to be comprised of a diverse array of passions, skills, and experience. We fully embrace each member's drive to pursue their individual gardening loves, and madly enjoy watching the business grow into a complex web of such unique horticultural personalities.

Tommy Allen


Tommy graduated with his Environmental Design degree at University of Manitoba in the Landscape & Urbanism stream. He has many interests including urban sustainability, permaculture and worker co-ops. He has worked as a freelance website/graphics designer, including as the editor of Nature Manitoba News, but enjoys spending his time outdoors helping establish a stronger relationship with our land, plants and food. He has worked as a gardener at the St. Norbert Arts Centre, and has taken several permaculture, composting and natural building workshops.

Certificates & Training

Favourite PlantVerbascum thapsus (Mullein)

Natalie Elizabeth


Natalie hails from a family farm in southern Manitoba where she could often be found crouched in the dirt, overturning rocks.  Throughout the years, she has bounced back and forth between remote locations and densely populated urban areas building green spaces for plants and for people. Some of her favourite things to share and learn are: traditional food processing skills such as fermentation, soil microbiology, seed saving, herbal medicine, and the cultural history of farming around the world.

Certificates & Training
  • Volunteer Organizer of Seedy Saturday (2016/2017)
  • Coordinator at UWSA Ecopia Seed Library
  • Fermentation Residency at Walnut Ridge, Tennessee
  • International (Agriculture) Development Honours Programme at Menno Simons College (2016)
  • Navdanya A-Z of Organic Agriculture Certificate, Uttarakhand, India
  • Apprentice at Maude Island Farm, Haida Gwaii
  • Accessibility Audit Certification, Samarthyam, India
  • Internship at Himanchal Education Foundation, Nagi, Nepal

Favourite Plant: Swertia chirayita (a rare medicinal plant in Nepal)
Best known for: crafting naturally carbonated herbal sodas

Nik Friesen-Hughes


Nik spent his childhood outdoors, building dams down at Omand’s Creek, catching frogs, and climbing trees. He has always had a passion for designing and building – spending hours building lego, constructing forts and snow slides, and molding any outdoor space he could get his hands on. Nik spent 3 summers planting trees in Ontario, Alberta and BC, where he realized how much he loved working with the earth.

He enjoys getting his hands dirty, creating, designing and building outdoor spaces, and finds inspiration in the way nature fits into the urban landscape. He is excited about sustainable design of natural spaces in an urban setting, with useful, edible and native perennial plants. He is currently a steward for the ‘people garden’ - a community urban agriculture site in South Osborne.

Certificates & Training
  • Bachelor of Arts – Environmental Studies – Urban Environments at University of Winnipeg (Current Student)
  • 3-year Greenspace Management Diploma at Red River College
  • Manitoba Certified/Licenced Arborist
  • Master Composter through Green Action Centre

Favourite Plant: Echinacea purpurea
Favourite Edible: Garlic Chives
Strongest skill: Curiosity

Murray Jowett


Murray was attracted to Urban Eatin’ primarily for its commitment to the goals of Food Sovereignty. He’s worked in a variety of roles for Urban Eatin’ but still, secretly, his favourite role is shoveling dirt. Murray likes being part of a worker’s coop and is encouraged by the passionate and nuanced efforts of his colleagues. He won the 2016 University of Winnipeg 3MT competition in the Master’s category for his work on Food Sovereignty and Urban Agriculture in Winnipeg.

Murray moonlights as a fiddler in dingy bars and care homes, is an associate member of the National Farmer’s Union, and wishes he were a perfumer.

Certificates & Training
  • BA Political Studies at University of Winnipeg
  • Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Management
  • Master Composter from Green Action Centre

Favourite plant:  Lemon Verbena

Food Sovereignty is a set of goals comprised of protecting community, livelihoods and social and environmental sustainability in the production, consumption and distribution of nutritious and culturally appropriate food. (Desmarais, 2014)

Paolo Riva


Paolo grew up running around his grandfather's grain farm and his grandmother's veggie patch. He is fascinated by the immense activity that goes on under our feet, in the soil. He's an experienced gardener and loves to design and build all sorts of eco-friendly, garden accessories including cold-frames and compost bins.

Certificates & Training

Favourite Plant: Eastern white cedar (thuja occidentalis)

Naomi Audia


Naomi grew up eating peas till her belly hurt in her grandparents' large vegetable garden in Calgary. She started landscaping after high school and couldn't stop. (Nothing beats working outdoors in the summer). It was after 3 seasons of landscaping, that she was certified as a landscape technician in Vancouver. After spending two seasons working at Assiniboine Park Conservatory in the English Garden, she started romancing the idea of starting her own endeavor. Remembering how she loved her grandparents' garden and the rising concerns of where our food comes from and what our food actually is spurred the idea of having her new direction be food-based. She met with a small group of folk who could relate to the garden in the same way as she, and Urban Eatin' was then created with the collective thoughts of the founding members.

Certificates & Training
Favourite Plant: Sequoiadendron giganteum Favourite Scented Plant: Hamamelis virginiana Favourite Vegetable: Fresh Peas in a Pod