Sowing Edible Landscapes

Urban Eatin’ Co-op makes it easy to grow your own food

(excerpt from The Aquarian Summer 2012 online edition)

“It’s amazing to walk out into your yard and just pull out a salad,” says Sarah Kirby.

Sarah, who lives with her husband and daughter in River Heights, owes her culinary delight to the Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Worker Co-op.

Urban Eatin’ gardeners (PHOTO: ANDREA GEARY)
Urban Eatin’ gardeners (from left) Paolo Riva, Mark Klassen and Naomi Audia onsite at Wellington School this spring. (PHOTO: ANDREA GEARY)

Helping Winnipeggers turn available outdoor space into edible landscapes is the co-op’s mission. “We want to work on projects to develop ways to grow food in the city,” says Mark Klassen, one of the co-op’s four member-owners. Past projects include developing community gardens in Winnipeg’s North End, working with homeowners to cultivate gardens in their yards and even demonstrating how apartment dwellers can grow vegetables and herbs on their balconies.

Mark and the co-op’s other member-owners, Paolo Riva, Naomi Audia and Tommy Allen, are beginning their fourth growing season this spring, and their calendar is filling up with consultations and projects for the coming months.

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