This weekend at The Winnipeg Folk Festitval, join Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Worker Co-op in an adventurous project of Guerrilla Gardening. Our goal is to have you create and bring home a native prairie seed bomb, made from the finest materials.

What is a seed bomb?

Well, we’re glad you asked. These small balls of clay, compost, straw, and seeds will allow you, the explorative gardener, to garden in those hard-to-reach areas, spreading the biodiverse flora of Manitoba to otherwise abandoned lots, fenced in compounds, or any place that you would love to see a bit more colour and life. In keeping to this year’s theme of the indigenous life of Birds Hill Park, all seeds selected have been amazingly donated by the Living Prairie Museum and are species found growing happily amongst the meadows of the Folk Fest site!

A HUGE Thank You to
The Living Prairie Museum

Monarch Butterfly FestivalThe Living Prairie Museum is a 12 hectare (30acre) tall grass prairie preserve located inside the City of Winnipeg. Set aside in 1968, this preserve is home to over 160 species of prairie plants and a great array of prairie wildlife. Prior to European settlement, tall grass prairie covered one million square kilometres in central North America, stretching from Texas to southern Manitoba. Today, tall grass prairie is all but gone. In Manitoba only 1/20th of 1% of the original tall grass prairie remains. The Living Prairie Museum is one of the few remaining fragments of this once vast ecosystem.

Visit the website for The Living Prairie Museum, which includes upcoming events such as the 5th Annual Monarch Butterfly Festival, along with weekly Summer Theme Days.

Winnipeg Folk Festival

The Winnipeg Folk Festival is a wonderfully expressive, inclusive and interactive environment that can sometimes feel like an escape from the real world, but please keep in mind that the laws of the land do apply. Everyone is expected to help create a safe and respectful culture and to follow basic rules relating to public safety, and community well being.