We may be able to grow beautiful gardens in our yards, and even produce gardens that fill our dinner tables, but can we identify which plants strengthen our immune system or combat an illness? Or which plants have been held as sacred with the indigenous people’s of the area? Learning about the medicinal aspects of the plants we grow in our gardens has never been easier than watching the film “Our Common Roots”. With a fellow local Winnipeg herbalist and film-maker, we hope you can help support this project and share it with your friends — gardens are more than a beautiful use of your yard, or even an indulgence of flavour and taste — they can strengthen our mind, body and soul and help generations balance the dis-order and dis-ease that continually challenge our health.

Our Common Roots presents a cinematic look into medicinal plants and herbs in our environment. It carries the audience into the habitats of the plants and shares the enduring traditions they hold throughout the world. Join Herbalist Chad Cornell in this feature length film exploring the world of the herbalist and the healing power of nature.

Described as having the “soft-spoken zeal of young David Suzuki” Chad takes you on an eclectic, holistic and even mystical field trip through the world of natural healing using plants that are growing in our backyards, fields and forests.

As Chad argues, the technology for healing already exists in nature and we just have to reach out for it.  Our Common Roots is a beautiful film about the power of medicinal plants and healing.

“This is one of the few films I have seen that truly gives a sense of the magic of the human gathering of wild plant medicines.”
– Stephen Harrod Buhner, Author of The Secret Teachings of Plants and Ensouling Language

“Very nicely done, heartfelt and powerful.”
– Wade Davis, Explorer in Residence, National Geographic Society

Visit our-common-roots.com for more information.