Urban Eatin’ turns gardens into edible works of art

Excerpt from CBC MB Scene article posted by Mike Green,
Weekend Morning Show Food Dude | Sunday February 24, 2013

It was -25°C, without a scent in the air, when I met Mark Klassen the herb and seed specialist from Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Worker Co-op this past week.

Klassen was in the Sage Garden Herbs greenhouse, amongst a throng of rosemary and lavender. The smell instantly had me jazzed for spring gardening. “These are plants that don’t really fully enter dormancy,” said Klassen. “They love the conditions of a cool sunny greenhouse.”

For over a decade, Klassen has been taking his gardening seriously. Three years ago he joined Urban Eatin’, a four member co-op of gardeners who are passionate about bringing organic, sustainable agricultural practices to Winnipeg’s urban landscape.

“Our main mission is food security. It’s the kind of company that if we did our job perfectly, we would put ourselves out of business,” said Klassen. “We do everything from going to schools and community groups and doing a lot of speaking, with the goal that, you know you are teaching a bunch of seven-year-olds the importance of starting seeds, so that they are super excited and tell their mom how awesome it is and how they should get their own little seed operation happening at home.”

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