Contrary to popular opinion, Winnipeg’s winters do NOT mean that we need to stop gardening! No sir indeed.  Some of the most fun and unique gardens’ time to thrive is during the depths of wintertude’s frigidity.  From windowsills to simple fluorescents to high intensity discharge bulbs, we believe that growing anything is possible in the right indoor environment.  There’s a chance you may be starving for that garden-fresh basil or wishing you had a hot habanero to pluck from its home.  It is easy to lack and miss the greenage that summer gives us, but despair not!  Urban Eatin’ can help you get set up with all the equipment and knowledge for producing a lush growing environment in your own home, conforming the gardenspace to any nook or cranny in your kitchen, living room, closet, or basement!  We can set you up with the rig to grow anything from a daily dose of fresh lettuce, to wintertime tomatoes!

The Future Is Now!

As you stare out of your window and try to remember the shape of your garden plots and the contours of the terrain, this is the season to daydream about what will be thriving where, when the ground becomes workable again.  We just want to plant the seed of an idea in your minds, and encourage you to start envisioning what sorts of seeds you will be needing.  For any special requests, or to have some help doing your EARLY spring seed shopping, drop us a line!

Indoor Composting At Its Finest

What to do with your kitchen scraps when the path to your outdoor compost bin is unnavigably buried in snow?  This is the coolest season for developing your own rich soil in an odourless and eternally rewarding environment: WORM COMPOSTING! Vermicompost is a very easy and inexpensive way to take care of your home’s organic waste, with the reward of providing you and your plants with the richest organic compost you can imagine.   Our friendly neighbourhood worm farm, Red Wriggler Haven, is open in the wintertime. They can offer a couple different styles of worm compost setups, your worms for startup, and are a wealth of incredibly useful information. Visit for all your worm composting needs.

How’s Our Gardening?

In the quest for improvement, Urban Eatin’ is looking for feedback from customers and contacts such as yourselves.  If you have been a client of us, or even been interested in starting a relationship with us, we’d love to hear your thoughts! All survey submissions will be entered into a draw for a free consultation or 1 hour of labour!

Hire a Workshop

Urban Eatin’s gardening experts are pleased to be able to offer our workshop services, covering any topic from winter gardening, composting, seed starting, and more.  We feel confident to present in schools, community centres, special events, or even weddings!  Get in touch with us to discuss your workshop ideas and to talk about scheduling and availability. (photo credit by Adrienne Percy

Warm Gift Ideas

Have a friend or relative who loves their garden but hasn’t the time to tend?  Urban Eatin’ gift certificates are available now!  Any amount of person hours can be purchased and can cover any tasks from a consultation, garden design, weeding or planting.  They obviously make exceptional stocking stuffers due to their pliable nature!  Email us at to get yours!

Exciting News for Urban Eatin’!

A great new developement in our lives has given us immense amounts of excitement for the upcoming Spring. We have completed the framework construction for our new 32′ x 20′ green house! There is still much to be done, but after a few blitzes, we will be able to drastically increase our level of production and diversity of services that we can offer!

Have a great winter!