The Spring 2015 issue of MB Eco-network’s Eco-Journal featured an article on some of Urban Eatin’s 2014 endeavours. Visit the link below to view the PDF (see pages 8-9).

AEco-Journal Spring15_online Way to Grow

by Tommy Allen

“It’s great to see how many people in Winnipeg want to engage youth and community in the act of growing food. We are fortunate to be able to help some of those folks in their worthy endeavours. There are many exciting ways to build a new vegetable garden, but we have found that the wooden raised bed is a simple and dependable solution – it has numerous advantages over in ground beds and does not burden most budgets. We aim to use reclaimed wood, and we fasten the corners using angle iron and nuts/bolts creating a variety of shapes. Constructing beds makes up a sizeable chunk of our work each season, although we also love projects that allow us to step outside of this familiar box…”

For entire article, please see the Eco-Journal Spring 2015: