Another Season of Growth is Here!

We are blessed with somewhat of an early spring season, and it is a great privilege to be working in our gardens now. So many cool season crops can be sown into your garden like: greens, kale, carrots, beets, peas to name a few. And don’t fret if you haven’t started any seeds yet, it’s getting late, but you could certainly still start some tomatoes and peppers and even begin to start any squash seeds you desire in the garden.

If seed starting is not on your list of spring activities there are a number of great greenhouses in and around the city who can provide edible bedding plants. And be sure to checkout Prairie Flora, for a list of city locations for their plant sales (native perennials, shrubs, heirloom vegetables and cottage garden annuals and herbs).

It is also a good time to go through your thawed (or thawing) winter compost and prepare your beds with these fresh nutrients. (Don’t have a compost bin? Check out Urban Eatin’s salvaged-wood compost bins).

Contact us soon if you’d like to book any work for this spring, or use our online consultation form. You can call 204-770-2204 or email

Urban Eatin' LandscapesUrban Eatin’ Landscapes

We are in the midst of rebranding ourselves as Urban Eatin’ Landscapes, and have a new logo. We are still working on the change-over on our website and other material. And don’t worry about changing anything official for now, our legal name is the same, and our existing emails and such all still work as they used to (although you may notice that our emails start coming from

National Co-op Challenge

Thank you, thank you, thank you! (for your votes!)

Well, your determined voting resulted in us being one of the eight winners of the National Co-op Challenge in 2014! We are grateful recipients of $25,000 to put towards edible landscaping in four Winnipeg neighbourhoods during 2015: Chalmers, North End, Spence, and Brooklands. Thanks also to The Co-operators for putting on this annual challenge! You can view our 90-second video here:

Shop Upgrades from ACU & MCA

(That’s Assiniboine Credit Union and Manitoba Co-operative Association)

Thanks to ACU’s Community Enterprise Development grant and MCA’s Cooperative Assistance Fund, we were able to install some health, safety and security upgrades to our workshop at the Social Enterprise Centre at 100 – 765 Main Street. We are super thankful to the generous support of these two organizations, as they have helped us multiple times throughout our first six years of operation.

Have any old tools kickin’ around?

Do you have gardening tools that you no longer need? Urban Eatin’ works with many neighbourhood and community groups as well as schools who have a high need for gardening tools for their community gardens and growing initiatives. We would like to act as match-makers to help your used or no-longer-needed tools find new homes that could really use them. Things that would be useful:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Shovels (spades, flatheads, edgers, etc.)
  • Forks
  • Cultivating Tools
  • Shears, Pruners
  • Reel Mowers

If you have any tools that you would like to ensure get put to good use in an environment that could really use them, email us a list of your tools and photos if possible at

Urban Agriculture ‘Community Spaces’ Grant

There is an exciting new funding opportunity for community gardens and urban agriculture initiatives.

Red River Co-op (the gas bars and now grocery stores) has started an annual Community Spaces grant program (not to be confused with Winnipeg’s Community PLACES program) for Western Canada. The categories of projects include urban agriculture, recreation, and environmental conservation. Approx. $1-million will be given each year, in grants of $25,000-100,000, which can be used over several years.

Application for the first round is open until May 15th, 2015!