Warm greetings to all of you from us here at Urban Eatin’ Landscapes,

We are happy to be getting our hands back in the soil and seeing the city bloom again!

We would like to inform you that we are currently booking into mid-June, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible using our online form.

New this year, we are offering 20% off our maintenance rate for those signing up for Garden Maintenance Service Agreement.

Stop by our website to browse through our products like potato towers and services such as garden mentorship, which are available for purchase in our online shop.

One of our largest and most exciting projects taking place this summer is in partnership with the Manitoba Eco-Network to DEPAVE Brooklands School grounds and add seating, edible plants, prairie garden and other green features to this community space.

 Cedar, Hemlock and Cedar Beam Raised Beds

We will be offering cedar raised beds this year using 2x10s boards (hard to come by, and pricey!). 4-foot by 8-foot beds will be $800, compared to $600 for the same sized bed using spruce (note this price includes installation and being filled with soil). They should outlast the spruce beds, which make it a worthy investment for those hoping to keep their garden for ~15 years. If you may be moving, or might change up your yard in about 10 years anyway, then spruce may be the best option for you. Note that we used to offer raised beds built using reclaimed douglas fir 2x10s, but unfortunately we do not have predictable access to these boards this year.

We do have access to reclaimed hemlock, which can be great for a raised bed with a thicker wall. It won’t last as long as cedar wood, but the thickness (true 4”x4”) will outlast the 2x10s, and looks great too. You won’t get the same height out of this wood without paying for the cost of more boards to reach the height attainable with 2x10s.

For beds that will last even longer, and look amazing, we can also build beds out of cedar beams (such as 4”x6” or even 6”x6”). Prices begin over $1000 for a 4’x8’ bed, and varies depending on how high you’d like to go.

ReclaimedDouglasFir CedarBeams


IMG_1885Welcome Compost Winnipeg!

As of last winter, we are sharing our space with Compost Winnipeg! They are a great new social enterprise, under the Green Action Centre, geared towards picking up compost from offices and companies that otherwise wouldn’t be able to compost.

Check out their website!




Thank you to Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) and Manitoba Co-operative Association (MCA)!

We’d like to thank the ACU for their ongoing support, including a grant last year to provide compost bins to some of the neighborhood gardens and residents we were working with through The Cooperator’s National Co-op Challenge project. The MCA provided support through their grant programs for us to purchase some tools to cut through stone/brick (we do some hardscaping), and to do some feasibility studies and develop an employee manual! We certainly wouldn’t be where we are without the support of these great organizations!