Greetings, seasoned and aspiring gardeners, nature-lovers and ecologically minded urban residents!

The summer is well upon us and it is at this time of year that our outdoor activities shift from getting seeds and plants into the ground towards caring for the things we have planted.

Perhaps you find yourself wondering what you should be doing to get the most from your garden, frustrated with weeds in your yard, going on holidays that take you away from your gardening duties, or hoping that it isn’t too late to have the garden you’ve been longing for.

We are here to help! Wherever you are and whatever your skill level, we want to help GET YOU GROWING!

If you would like some help with your garden, we offer mentorship services at $50 for an hour of one-on-one, site specific guidance. Hire us to have a skilled gardener visit your yard with tips, tricks and techniques to help keep you on course to meeting your garden goals. You will learn things like: how to prune and trellis plants for greater productivity, how to sow succession crops for a continuous harvest throughout the season and more…..

If you are going away or simply overwhelmed by vigorous vegetation, hire us to garden-sit for you or tackle a garden bed that needs attention.

Summer 2016 Project Highlights

We have been involved in some great projects already this season!

Brooklands School Community Garden



We are very happy to have been a part of creating a wonderful school and community garden at Brooklands Elementary School. In 2015, Urban Eatin’ had met with the principal, Rex Ferguson Baird, about building raised beds on top of their old, unused basketball court. Time and funds were limited that season though, and thus when Megan from the Manitoba Eco-network’s Water Caucus was seeking out partners for a “Depave Paradise” project for 2016, it was exciting to match them up with Brooklands School and become a part of the Depave Paradise project ourselves. Further to the raised beds (half of which were built using reclaimed wood),our design expanded to include removing over 100 square meters of asphalt, installing a prairie garden, some log and limestone seating areas and an arbor. The bulk of the asphalt removal and installation was all done in a single day with over 100 amazing volunteers from the Brooklands School community!


FullSizeRender 4

It’s a wonderful thing when co-ops work together, as per the International Co-operative Principles (#6 is “Cooperation among Cooperatives”). Cakeology offers artisanal cakes and desserts, and is located in the exchange district next to the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe. Cakeology is owned and operated by Bodegoes Restaurant Workers Pool Ltd., and contacted Urban Eatin’ Landscapes to construct a raised bed and trellis to go on their patio, in order to separate the Cakeology patio from the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe patio. This cedar bed looks beautiful and has seating on one side, with an aircraft cable trellis for climbing plants. If you are walking by, be sure to stop in to Cakeology for a cupcake or Bodegoes for a meal.

Residential Project in Wolseley


We are always excited when residents choose to replace grassy lawns with perennial gardens, and this whimsical boulevard garden in Wolseley is no exception! In addition to adding some serious curb appeal, we worked to resolve drainage issues around the house, added two raised beds to the front, and installed a natural stone walkway. We are looking forward to checking back in when the plants have filled out and everything is looking lush and beautiful.
Herb spiral, natural stone walkway and patio, perennial garden, garnished with field stone and container plantings, filled in with bark mulch.
Natural stone walkway that wraps around to front and back of house with two 3’ x 7’ raised beds for growing veggies.
Planted sod lawn and perennial garden. Installed rain barrel with overflow tubing to distribute water throughout the garden.
Installed dry river trench beside stone walkway to deal with drainage issues. Installed river stone to allow for drainage and prevent weeds.


Have you considered adding hardscaping elements to your garden or landscape?

The term ‘hardscaping’ is used to describe any nonliving and constructed elements of a landscape. It can refer to walkways, rock walls and paved areas built with brick, concrete, or stone masonry. Well-designed hardscaping components can turn outdoor spaces into more functional and beautiful places to live. The addition of thoughtfully placed stepping stones, patios, and areas that are built up with stone can reduce maintenance costs, retain soil, contribute to wildlife habitat and increase water efficiency. At Urban Eatin’, our goal is to create and install landscape designs that gracefully integrate constructed features out of natural materials like stone or wood into edible, ecological and productive areas for humans and for wildlife.
In our work with Brooklands school and Depave Paradise we have highlighted the ways in which hard surfaces like driveways, parking lots and buildings interrupt the natural water cycle by preventing rainwater from soaking into the ground. Impermeable surfaces like these usually result in flooding, erosion and overwhelm municipal storm water systems. We use permeable hardscape solutions like locally sourced limestone and reclaimed brick to allow water to sink into the soil and give definition to green spaces full of native plants and edibles.
If you are thinking about investing in a hardscaping feature, here are some points to take into consideration:
Surface texture: What types of activities are you hoping to do on this surface? Is it a seating area? Is it soft enough for barefoot children or pets that will be playing in this space?

Appearance: How will colour, pattern or texture look with the surrounding surfaces?Durability: Do you want temporary paving or something longer lasting?

Cost: What is your budget? Would you rather invest in durable and striking brick paths or do you have more space to cover with a lower cost material?

Maintenance: How easy is it to clean? Does it require raking, sweeping, washing or weeding?

Murray_PosterCongratulations Murray!

Recently, Murray participated in the University of Winnipeg’s 3 Minute Thesis Competition (3MT) and received first place in his category. His project investigates Urban Agriculture initiatives in Winnipeg.

Find out more on here!

Feature Product


Both functional and decorative, garden trellises provide necessary support to climbing plants and create a vertical focal point in a garden. Depending on their shape and placement, trellises can also provide privacy or define an outdoor space. Make sure your garden trellises are sturdy to support the weight of your growing plants, sometimes it’s hard to envision just how big and heavy vines like cucumbers and beans can get when they are full of fruit in late August. We offer a range of custom trellises in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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