June 25th-26th, and July 2nd 2011

Join cob oven master and Urban Eatin’ member Paolo Riva for an in-depth session on building a cob oven.

Cob is a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water that is a very versatile building material, with a plethora of uses. Because cob functions as an excellent thermal mass, it’s perfect for oven construction. The radiant heat it provides is perfect for cooking, and is most especially suited to bread-baking and pizza. This workshop will cover the construction of a wood-fired oven from the ground up.

Cob Oven in Winnipeg
A Cob Oven Built in Winnipeg by Paolo Riva

Day 1, Saturday, June 25th: Construction of the oven base will occupy this full day. The base can be constructed of a variety of materials and methods. We will be using a “brick and cob” method, where bricks can be any object from stones, glass bottles or actual bricks. Full day workshop (8am – 4pm)

Day 2, Sunday, June 26th: With the base completed the day before, this day will focus on construction of the hearth (cooking surface), the oven body, chimney and other finishing details. (8am – 4pm)

Day 3: Saturday, July 2nd: This final day, one week after construction, will focus on a lime plaster coating of the oven, to protect and finish the oven body and base. This will be a full morning’s work. (8am – 12pm)

Workshop cost is $105 regular fee, and $52.50 low-income. Rain dates are July 23rd-24th, and 30th. Registration closes May 27th. The workshop will take place in the West End of Winnipeg.

Call 770-2204 or email urbaneatin@gmail.com to register.