10% off Garden Designs for 2012

The 2012 season is quickly approaching so don’t get caught without a plan! Well it’s still a ways away, but it is a good time to start thinking about next season. To keep us going throughout the winter, we would love to come up with a design for your 2012 veggie patch and we’ll even do it for a rate that is 10% cheaper than normal. WHOA! WHAT A DEAL!!!! Book a consultation this autumn and the design will follow in the winter. Come spring we will be ready to get our shovels in the ground without any hold ups. Email us or call 770-2204 to set up a consultation before the snow falls.

Eco-Lawn & You

The most perfect solution to your lawn-based woes is here, and now is the time to take action! Wildflower Farm’s Eco-Lawn grass seed is a blend of 7 fescue grasses, carefully chosen to grow effortlessly in the shadiest, sunniest, most dry, wettest, acidic or alkaline conditions. Its root system grows far deeper than our regular grasses’, giving it access to water and nutrients in dry summers and giving your lawn’s weeds a far tougher competition, meaning no watering, no fertilizing, and way less weeds! Its slow growing nature means that you don’t have to cut your lawn nearly as frequently as normal lawns require. The seed can be sown overtop of existing lawns or brand new earth. Urban Eatin’ can obtain the seeds, prep your lawn, and do all the sowing for you. The best time to sow is toward the end of October and early November, as it requires the least effort from you! Email us or call 770-2204 to set up an appointment! (Click here for an FAQ on Eco-Lawns from Wildflower Farm)

Fall Clean-up & Tilling

Fall is the time when nature gets ready for bed. Thus, it’s a great time to put your garden and other growing spaces to sleep. Urban Eatin’ can help with garden clean-up of your vegetable beds, perennial beds and also leaf collection. We can shred leaf material on site, and use it to amend your beds and compost. Urban Eatin’ also offers rototillng services. This is ideal for preparing existing annual vegetable beds for next season, and for preparing new beds for next year’s cultivation. Email us or call 770-2204!

Get Your Bulbs In

Bulbs planted in the fall will have a considerable head start when it comes to flowering in the Spring, giving you a great show first thing next season. Urban Eatin’ is excited about many of the bulbs available at Sage Garden Herbs right now, and can help you select the most exciting bloomers, prep your soil, and do the planting for you. Choosing your garlic for your 2012 harvest is a great thing to do right now as well, as it will thrive most effectively if planted in the fall. Email us or call 770-2204. (click here for a Listing of Fall Bulbs from Sage Garden Herbs)

Great Time for Shrubs and Trees

Fruiting shrubs and trees planted in the fall are known to have monstrous advantages over those planted in the Spring, and can put their progress in your garden ahead by what may feel like an entire season! The backyard orchard is becoming an increasingly popular and exciting addition to your edible produce, with options like dwarf apple trees, cherry trees, blueberries, raspberries, haskap/honeyberries, black currants, hardy Arctic kiwi vines, and grapes! Including some fruit-producing perennials into your garden design for the 2012 season is something we’d love to help you do! Email us or call 770-2204!

How to Prep for a Scary Winter?

Environment Canada whispered a prediction that we may have a very insubstantial snowfall this winter, which is going to make life for your perennials a great challenge, as they need that blanket of snow to keep them warm and safe through all those impending frosts. One of the easiest ways to combat this challenge is to start saving all of your leaves, starting now! Get ready to start piling leaves on top of your most prized perennials once a few frosts have come and gone.

Compost Bins for Fall Yard Waste

There is a lot of yard “waste” produced in your yard in the fall season, but you’d be better off putting it into a compost bin than a garbage bag. You’ll not only recyle the nutrients back into your soil, you’ll save on effort, plastic bags, and tax dollars. If you don’t have a bin yet, we build compost bins that are the ideal size for household composting, including yard waste. Visit our Composting Bins page for more information on the bins we make.

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