Members of the Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Co-op are willing and able to help you achieve this.

We offer a wide diversity of services to¬†help you develop your yard into a paradise filled with organic herbs, veggies and fruit… all yours to enjoy.

Add colour to your yard and to your plate! For the love of nature; for the love of beauty; for the love of learning; or for the love of healthy food!

Turn over a new leaf – get in touch with the Urban Eatin’ Gardeners’ Co-op to help you make your yard more beautiful and edible today!

What we can do for you:

  • Act as consultants to help you plan a garden fit for your needs.
  • Help you find a balance between aesthetic and edible gardening
  • Find the plants, seeds, fruit trees, and other supplies needed to build it from organic and environmentally conscious sources.
  • Build small greenhouses and cold frames to extend our short growing season.
  • Build raised beds, container gardens, window box gardens, etc. in a tidy and professional manner to assure the appearance of your yard is maintained.
  • Help you maintain your garden in whatever capacity you require.
  • Send out a newsletter offering you tips and tales for your gardening enjoyment.
  • Grow food in your unused garden, developing a mutually beneficial exchange allowing us to market vegetables we grow.
  • Turn your 1/4 acre into your own personal grocery store!

We are open to building creative relationships with our clients. If there is something that we have not listed, that you think fits in with our mandate, let us know. We have skills and enthusiasm that want to be put to work!