Book us for a consultation

Booking for a consultation now will assure that we can meet and discuss your dream garden, with plenty of time for planning and preparation.Or, if you already have a garden but just need some tips and brights ideas, give us a call at 770-2204 or email us (

Maintenance Packages & Garden Sitting

We offer monthly maintenance packages that include services like planting, weeding, watering, thinning, harvesting and pruning. We also offer our Silent Lawn Care service, using no gas-powered equipment, giving everyone’s ears a break! Contact us for pricing.

Seed Starting

Urban Eatin’ can help you get a headstart on your season by assisting you in setting up your ideal seed starting environment. Talk to us about grow light options and a one-on-one seed starting session.

Unique Varieties

We would be delighted to help you find unique varieties of garden classics, and can help suggest vegetables that suit your particular site and taste. A few of the varieties we will be offering this year include Japenese Cucumber, Lettuce Leaf Basil, Cajun Belle Hot Pepper and Jade Star Watermelon.

Fruit Trees, Shrubs and Vines

Contact us to talk about trees, shrubs and vines that can serve as windbreaks, privacy hedges and accents, all while providing you with delicious fruits and berries. Now is the time to pre-order, as stocks tend to sell out quickly. Imagine a gorgeous cherry hedge, an espaliered pear on your southfacing side and grapes and kiwis hanging from a cedar pergola.

Compost Bins

Place an order now for your very own Urban Eatin’ compost bin. Built with all reclaimed lumber and measuring a cubic yard, this is the perfect bin for most households. We also build double and triple compartment bin systems.

Compost Tea

Urban Eatin’ will be offering compost tea applications this season. Compost tea is a living fertilizer of beneficial microbes and fungi that replenishes depleted soils with the biological activity that supports all plant life. Please contact us to book an application(s) for the upcoming season!

Cob Oven Workshop

Our cob oven workshop last year was a great success! Here’s how it works: We offer a cob oven workshop at a set rate. The workshop fees help pay for the cost of the materials and our expertise, and you or your organization is left with a beautiful and functional wood-burning oven, and the knowledge and skill to build your own! Naturally, we need a suitable site to build the oven. Contact us for pricing!


Urban Eatin’ offers a variety of workshopscovering topics from Seed Starting to Garden Design. Our workshops are designed with community groups and schools in mind. We focus on sharing skills that can help communities be more food-secure.

Worker Co-op Video on Urban Eatin’

Chris Mccarville has been making videos on various worker co-ops in Winnipeg. She has completed her last video on ours, click here to watch the video. Go to her YouTube videos page to see all of the others (or click below). Thanks Chris, and way to go to all of the other worker co-ops!