​What does it take to transform an old, unused basketball court into a beautiful outdoor classroom? Brookland’s School in Winnipeg was wondering that very thing, and on May 28th they found out.
The plan for the day was ambitious: Rip up 150 m2 of asphalt (mostly by hand), build 15 raised garden beds and fill them with soil, install benches between the beds, plant a native garden including a strawberry patch, lay down mulch for the walking areas, and plant a special tree in memory of a special teacher.

Despite the morning threatening to rain, the volunteers arrived in droves, and with them - the sun. The excitement and energy was contagious, and everyone was ready to start working.

The volunteers from the Brooklands community meant business. I have never seen people work as hard and efficiently as this group did. By lunchtime, we had accomplished more than I imagined we would accomplish all day. ​
Urban Eatin' Landscapes had partnered with the MB Eco-network to design and organize this volunteer-based project with Brooklands School.