Making More With Microbes taught by Doug Weatherbee, The Soil Doctor

WHERE: Harvest Moon Learning Centre in Clearwater, Manitoba

WHEN: June 23-25  (three full days – cull curriculum at bottom of page)

COST: $480 (includes healthy meals, readings package, instruction, camping space and use of Harvest Moon Learning Centre facilities – showers, classrooms, hang-out space, kitchen, gardens, etc.


Why spend four days learning about soil?

Obviously, there are ‘big picture’ societal and ecological reasons to care about the quality of our soil (we’ll share some more of those below) – but what’s in it for you?

Well, this course isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you if:

  • you are a farmer (small or large), rancher, or own a vineyard or orchard and want to minimize or eliminate synthetic fertilizer or biocides inputs, reduce irrigation needs and improve soil fertility.
  • you are an organic farmer, SPIN farmer or CSA operator and you want to improve your organic growing and land management techniques, reduce the requirement for weeding and ecologically favor the plants that you want to grow.
  • you are a gardener or horticulturalist and want healthier, more nutrient-dense plants, higher germination rates, less watering, less weeding and overall less work!
  • you are a landscape architect or soil restorationist and want to speed up plant establishment and rebuild topsoil (say after construction work), suppress plant diseases, have higher survival rates for plantings all the while using non-toxic inputs.
  • you are a permaculture designer wanting to learn more about guilds, plant combining, how to support the soil and establish your food forests faster – starting with the foundation.
  • you are an entrepreneur and looking for a new venture to make money and do good things for the planet at the same time – a job you can feel good about (i.e. creating custom composts and compost teas for your clients).

More information on the Soil Food Web workshop from the Harvest Moon Learning Centre.