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Job Posting: Gardener / Landscaper for 2017

Position: Gardener / Landscaper
Urban Eatin’ Landscapes
(Job Posted February 2017)

Download PDF of Job Posting

Urban Eatin’ Landscapes worker co-op is hiring. We are a worker-owned and worker-operated business that installs edible gardens, native perennial beds, reclaimed-wood products and other landscaping services. We offer garden design services, installation, maintenance, workshops and mentorship. We work with residential clients and numerous community organizations including schools and non-profits. We are looking for an individual with gardening/landscaping experience, basic carpentry skills, and who is highly self-motivated and willing to commit to the long-term development of the co-op as as a member. We aim to include members that have varied and complementary skills and experience, and who bring new ideas and passions to further our services, products and the food security movement as a whole.READ MORE

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SPARK Match with Kaye Grant

Thanks so much to Kaye Grant, who helped us out through CEDnet’s SPARK match program. We were fortunate to share a morning of discussing her research into systems of accountability, incentives, and task delegation in Worker Co-ops. We look forward to implementing a new system to improve our work environment. A big thanks to Kaye and SPARK! Kaye’s consulting business is Reconnaissance Management Consulting Group Inc.

Read more on SPARK’s Blog.


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Depaving Paradise at Brooklands School

​What does it take to transform an old, unused basketball court into a beautiful outdoor classroom? Brookland’s School in Winnipeg was wondering that very thing, and on May 28th they found out.
The plan for the day was ambitious: Rip up 150 m2 of asphalt (mostly by hand), build 15 raised garden beds and fill them with soil, install benches between the beds, plant a native garden including a strawberry patch, lay down mulch for the walking areas, and plant a special tree in memory of a special teacher.


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Summer 2016 Newsletter

Greetings, seasoned and aspiring gardeners, nature-lovers and ecologically minded urban residents!

The summer is well upon us and it is at this time of year that our outdoor activities shift from getting seeds and plants into the ground towards caring for the things we have planted.

Perhaps you find yourself wondering what you should be doing to get the most from your garden, frustrated with weeds in your yard, going on holidays that take you away from your gardening duties, or hoping that it isn’t too late to have the garden you’ve been longing for.


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Urban Agriculture as an Expression of Food Sovereignty

Murray joined our team as Office Coordinator this spring and has been a wonderful addition to the Urban Eatin' team. Recently, Murray participated in the University of Winnipeg's 3 Minute Thesis Competition (3MT) and received first place in his category. His project investigates Urban Agriculture initiatives in Winnipeg and assesses their relationship to Food Sovereignty goals - food sovereignty being, "A set of goals comprised of protecting community, livelihoods and social and environmental sustainability in the production, consumption and distribution of nutritious and culturally appropriate food."  (Desmarais, 2014)


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Growing Community

Brooklands School Community Garden

On May 28, we assisted Brooklands School students, staff, and volunteers with the creation of the Brooklands School Community Garden. The event included removing concrete, building raised garden beds, shoveling soil, and planting perennials. We are still in the process of putting the finishing touches on this wonderful project, but we are so proud to see the event highlighted on the Winnipeg Free Press website.

View the full photo album at  Winnipeg Free Press.


Urban Eatin’s Tommy (left) with Preston (centre) and Chad of Blueprint Law
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CCEDnet’s SPARK Program

As a small business and worker co-op, it isn’t always easy (i.e. affordable) to get professional advice. That’s where CCEDnet’s SPARK program fits in. They match small businesses with professionals willing to step in with some volunteer work. Urban Eatin’ was lucky to get matched up with Blueprint Law, getting some advice on some rental agreements that were drafted. Urban Eatin’ has been leasing some workshop space to the Green Action Centre’s Compost Winnipeg program, and renting one of our truck’s to them for some of their pick-up days.

See SPARK’s blog post about the match.


Reclaimed Wood
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Job Posting: Office Coordinator

Urban Eatin’ Landscapes
(Job Posted March 2016)

(See a PDF of this job posting)

Urban Eatin’ Landscapes is hiring. We are a worker-owned and worker-operated business that creates edible gardens, native perennial beds and reclaimed-wood products. We offer garden design services, installation, maintenance, workshops and garden mentorship. We work with both residential clients and community organizations including schools and non-profits. We are looking for an individual who is highly self-motivated, has administrative experience, and is willing to commit to developing Urban Eatin’. We aim to hire someone that has varied and complementary skills and experience, who also brings new ideas and passions to further the food security movement.


Gordon King Church Community Garden
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Job Posting: Gardener

Position: Gardener
Urban Eatin’ Landscapes
(Job Posted July 2015)

(Download a PDF of this job posting.)

Urban Eatin’ Landscapes is hiring! We are a worker-owned and worker-operated business that promotes food security and urban food gardens. We offer garden design services, design installation, a variety of workshops, garden mentorship, and compost services. We work with both residential clients and community organizations including schools, youth centres and non-profits. We are looking for an individual who is highly self-motivated and willing to commit long-term to developing Urban Eatin’. We aim to include members that have varied and complementary skills and experience, as well as new ideas and passions to further the food security movement.


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“Co-op roots run deep” article in Canadian Cooperator

The April 2015 issue of the Canadian Cooperator had an article called “Co-op roots run deep” about Urban Eatin’s roots, written by donalee Moulton.

Co-op roots run deep

by donalee Moulton

“The Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Worker Co-op grew out of a commitment for a more just, sustainable food system. The Winnipeg workers’ cooperative believes realizing that commitment starts in their own backyard. If people want to grow food or want to change the landscape, Urban Eatin’ is here to help, says worker-owner and co-op co-ordinator Tommy Allen.


Have any old tools kickin’ around?

Do you have gardening tools that you no longer need? Urban Eatin’ works with many Winnipeg neighbourhood and community groups as well as schools who have a high need for gardening tools for their community gardens and growing initiatives. We would like to act as match-makers to help your used or no-longer-needed tools find new homes that could really use them. Things that would be useful:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Shovels (spades, flatheads, edgers, etc.)
  • Forks
  • Cultivating Tools
  • Shears, Pruners
  • Reel Mowers

If you have any tools that you would like to ensure get put to good use in an environment that could really use them, email us a list of your tools (and photos if possible) at info@urbaneatin.com.

Urban Eatin’ Wins National Prize!


We are thrilled to be one of eight winners of the 2014 National Co-op Challenge. We are thus receiving $25,000 to put towards our 2015 neighbourhood edible garden project. Thanks to all of those who voted for our video in September 2014! We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks also to The Co-operators for putting on this annual challenge!  You can view our 90-sec video for the challenge.

Thanks also to all those who helped promote our campaign, such as the Assiniboine Credit Union (who also made this image). See their short article on the Asterix Online.


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Urban Eatin’s National Co-op Challenge video (90-sec)

This short video was featured in the 2014 National Co-op Challenge. Each of the 16 finalists were asked to create a 90-sec video to say who they are, and the public was able to vote for 30 days. Urban Eatin’ was thrilled to be one of the eight finalists chosen to receive the award of $25,000.

Urban Eatin’ is a small group of gardeners committed to using organic and holistic techniques to build and maintain vegetable and herb gardens for Winnipeg’s residents. We have been trained with various techniques of light footprint, integrated gardening and permaculture principles. We believe that your home and your community should provide you with shelter and sustenance. So we offer to help make your yard a place of beauty, food, and comfort by enabling people to grow their own vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible garden spaces through consultations, design, workshops and hands-on learning.

You can view this video directly on YouTube at: Urban Eatin’ National Co-op Challenge Video 2014

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“Urban Eatin’ catchin’ on” article in Canstar

Urban Eatin’ was featured in a Canstar article in the fall of 2014 entitled “Urban Eatin’ catching’ on”, written by Jared Story.

Worker co-operative a finalist in online contest

“A worker co-operative’s vision of a sustainable food system in Winnipeg could get a big boost. Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Worker Co-op, which operates out of the Social Enterprise Centre (765 Main St.) in North Point Douglas, is a finalist in the National Co-op Challenge, an online contest presented by The Co-operators.


National Co-op Challenge 2014
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Urban Eatin’ a Finalist in National Co-op Challenge 2014

Voting has begun! Go to the official National Co-op Challenge website to watch the videos and cast your vote (see us in the “Western” region near the bottom). See below to sign-up for email reminders to vote throughout this challenge (you can vote once per day).

We are excited to announce that with the help of your votes this fall, we could win $25,000 from the National Co-op Challenge (NCC)! Visit their website for details on the contest. All monies won must be used for the projects outlined in the co-op’s initial application to the National Co-op Challenge, designed to grow the co-op and improve services to the citizens they serve.

All 16 finalists are listed below (divided into 4 regions). We are the only co-op from Winnipeg this year. Each will produce a 90-second video for the public to vote on between September 3rd and October 1st, 2014.


Creeping Bellflower, Campanula rapunculoides
July 4, 2013 2 Comments

Campanula: a weed or a green?

You may recognize this native Eurasian plant Campanula rapunculoides (a.k.a. Creeping Bellflower) as an invasive weed in your Winnipeg garden (or even your whole neighborhood). This is different than Campanula rotundifolia and other much less invasive varieties of Campanula (a.k.a. bluebells, harebells). Hand weeding Companula rapunculoides is difficult due to its dense and abundant roots and shoots. Any small roots left behind after weeding will spring back up within a couple weeks, and begin spreading again throughout your garden.