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Summer 2016 Newsletter

Greetings, seasoned and aspiring gardeners, nature-lovers and ecologically minded urban residents!

The summer is well upon us and it is at this time of year that our outdoor activities shift from getting seeds and plants into the ground towards caring for the things we have planted.

Perhaps you find yourself wondering what you should be doing to get the most from your garden, frustrated with weeds in your yard, going on holidays that take you away from your gardening duties, or hoping that it isn’t too late to have the garden you’ve been longing for.


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Spring 2016 Newsletter

Warm greetings to all of you from us here at Urban Eatin’ Landscapes,

We are happy to be getting our hands back in the soil and seeing the city bloom again!

We would like to inform you that we are currently booking into mid-June, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible using our online form.

New this year, we are offering 20% off our maintenance rate for those signing up for Garden Maintenance Service Agreement.


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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Another Season of Growth is Here!

We are blessed with somewhat of an early spring season, and it is a great privilege to be working in our gardens now. So many cool season crops can be sown into your garden like: greens, kale, carrots, beets, peas to name a few. And don’t fret if you haven’t started any seeds yet, it’s getting late, but you could certainly still start some tomatoes and peppers and even begin to start any squash seeds you desire in the garden.


Have any old tools kickin’ around?

Do you have gardening tools that you no longer need? Urban Eatin’ works with many Winnipeg neighbourhood and community groups as well as schools who have a high need for gardening tools for their community gardens and growing initiatives. We would like to act as match-makers to help your used or no-longer-needed tools find new homes that could really use them. Things that would be useful:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Shovels (spades, flatheads, edgers, etc.)
  • Forks
  • Cultivating Tools
  • Shears, Pruners
  • Reel Mowers

If you have any tools that you would like to ensure get put to good use in an environment that could really use them, email us a list of your tools (and photos if possible) at info@urbaneatin.com.

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Urban Eatin’s National Co-op Challenge video (90-sec)

This short video was featured in the 2014 National Co-op Challenge. Each of the 16 finalists were asked to create a 90-sec video to say who they are, and the public was able to vote for 30 days. Urban Eatin’ was thrilled to be one of the eight finalists chosen to receive the award of $25,000.

Urban Eatin’ is a small group of gardeners committed to using organic and holistic techniques to build and maintain vegetable and herb gardens for Winnipeg’s residents. We have been trained with various techniques of light footprint, integrated gardening and permaculture principles. We believe that your home and your community should provide you with shelter and sustenance. So we offer to help make your yard a place of beauty, food, and comfort by enabling people to grow their own vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible garden spaces through consultations, design, workshops and hands-on learning.

You can view this video directly on YouTube at: Urban Eatin’ National Co-op Challenge Video 2014

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Spring 2013 Newsletter

2013 Garden Planning!

Mid-winter is upon us, and the sun lingers longer and longer over the horizon. Garden dreams and schemes are germinating in the minds and hearts of gardeners Winnipeg-wide. Now is a great time to contact us or fill-out our online form to book a consultation and time for a garden design. An early start on the season gives more time to explore ideas, find specific varieties and have a plan in place for when the ground thaws…


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Newsletter — Spring 2012

Book us for a consultation

Booking for a consultation now will assure that we can meet and discuss your dream garden, with plenty of time for planning and preparation.Or, if you already have a garden but just need some tips and brights ideas, give us a call at 770-2204 or email us (urbaneatin@gmail.com).

Maintenance Packages & Garden Sitting

We offer monthly maintenance packages that include services like planting, weeding, watering, thinning, harvesting and pruning. We also offer our Silent Lawn Care service, using no gas-powered equipment, giving everyone’s ears a break! Contact us for pricing.


Garden Consultations - Naomi
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Newsletter – Fall 2011

10% off Garden Designs for 2012

The 2012 season is quickly approaching so don’t get caught without a plan! Well it’s still a ways away, but it is a good time to start thinking about next season. To keep us going throughout the winter, we would love to come up with a design for your 2012 veggie patch and we’ll even do it for a rate that is 10% cheaper than normal. WHOA! WHAT A DEAL!!!! Book a consultation this autumn and the design will follow in the winter. Come spring we will be ready to get our shovels in the ground without any hold ups. Email us or call 770-2204 to set up a consultation before the snow falls.


Garden Design and Landscapring in Winnipeg
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Newsletter: Summer 2011

10$ off consultations in September & 10% off designs done over winter.

Save by planning for your 2012 garden!

Urban Eatin’ wants to keep working during the winter months, thus we are offering a discount to folks who want to plan ahead for next year’s garden. By booking a consultation for this September, you’ll receive $10 off our normal $30 consultation fee, PLUS you’ll receive 10% off your design fees, which we will do over the winter months. We could also schedule the work for next spring to assure you that the work can be done before the planting season, which is a great benefit to both us and you (this past spring we were too busy to accommodate all of the job request.


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Newsletter: Spring 2011

Time to embrace the onset of Spring!

There are so many things to think of in order to start preparing for the upcoming gardening season — it is easy to become overwhelmed, as well as incredibly excited. Allow us to provide you with some ideas of how you could be spending your spare time right now in order to have an easier start to your Spring.


  • Start your own Seeds!
  • Garden Designing: Even Under Snow!
  • Fruiting Trees and Shrubs
  • Plan with Timing for Cover Crops
  • Know Your Soil – Urban Eatin’ Soil Testing


Newsletter – Winter 2010

Contrary to popular opinion, Winnipeg’s winters do NOT mean that we need to stop gardening! No sir indeed.  Some of the most fun and unique gardens’ time to thrive is during the depths of wintertude’s frigidity.  From windowsills to simple fluorescents to high intensity discharge bulbs, we believe that growing anything is possible in the right indoor environment.  There’s a chance you may be starving for that garden-fresh basil or wishing you had a hot habanero to pluck from its home.  It is easy to lack and miss the greenage that summer gives us, but despair not!  Urban Eatin’ can help you get set up with all the equipment and knowledge for producing a lush growing environment in your own home, conforming the gardenspace to any nook or cranny in your kitchen, living room, closet, or basement!  We can set you up with the rig to grow anything from a daily dose of fresh lettuce, to wintertime tomatoes!


Newsletter – Fall 2010

urbaneatin@gmail.com www.urbaneatin.com

While all good things must come to an end,
in this case, thankfully, the end is really quite temporary and can be the start of an entirely new and exciting gardening experience. As we all begin to wrap up our gardens, taking a look at what did well where, there are some things to keep in mind that can greatly enhance next year’s gardening season!

Saving the seeds from your plants has a number of rewards. Not only will you ensure a lower amount of money spent on seeds and seedlings in the Spring, you can take some really cool steps toward customizing your produce! See a tomato plant ripen unusually early with fatter, juicier fruits this year? Find some cucumbers that dwarfed all the others? The traits of taste, appearance and growth habit can be passed on through the fruits into the seeds, and by saving the seeds of your prized and most unusual harvests, you will have a better chance of repeating the same great qualities next year. Seeds saved from produce grown in your yard year after year will begin to develop a strain of fruits that have evolved to survive optimally in your exact growing conditions.


Newsletter – Summer 2010


Is it just me, or is it hot out here? The heat of July, combined with its exquisitely timed rain showers, has been an incredible blessing, and welcomed change, on all of our gardens, I’m sure. Warmth-loving tomatoes are exploding, giving us our first red gems by now! This year’s peppers have already dwarfed those of last season, and the all-around vegetative growth of all things squash is a sight to see!

We’re including a number of gardening tips and suggestions here that will hopefully help your garden give you the best harvests and most luscious growth possible! Of course, we at Urban Eatin’ Gardeners’ Co-Op will be extraordinarily happy to come and take care of any of the hard work!


Newsletter – Spring 2010

What a Spring!

We’ve all undoubtedly been teased by the warmth of the last few weeks, and the excitement for working in the garden can be overwhelming! While most things are most certainly best left until a safe planting date at the beginning of June, there are always things that can be done to get the garden ready for some serious growing.

Plan your garden! Pick a day with a few free hours and stroll around your yard, using the black earth and green grass as a blank canvas for your imagination. Picture colours, smells, and tastes and try to place them in the physical space of your garden-to-be. Envisioning the potential for new or larger beds will help you realize how much your space is capable of! If you’re at a creative block but know you want to build on your growing area, give us a call for garden designs!