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Spring 2013 Newsletter

2013 Garden Planning!

Mid-winter is upon us, and the sun lingers longer and longer over the horizon. Garden dreams and schemes are germinating in the minds and hearts of gardeners Winnipeg-wide. Now is a great time to contact us or fill-out our online form to book a consultation and time for a garden design. An early start on the season gives more time to explore ideas, find specific varieties and have a plan in place for when the ground thaws…


Newsletter – Fall 2010

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While all good things must come to an end,
in this case, thankfully, the end is really quite temporary and can be the start of an entirely new and exciting gardening experience. As we all begin to wrap up our gardens, taking a look at what did well where, there are some things to keep in mind that can greatly enhance next year’s gardening season!

Saving the seeds from your plants has a number of rewards. Not only will you ensure a lower amount of money spent on seeds and seedlings in the Spring, you can take some really cool steps toward customizing your produce! See a tomato plant ripen unusually early with fatter, juicier fruits this year? Find some cucumbers that dwarfed all the others? The traits of taste, appearance and growth habit can be passed on through the fruits into the seeds, and by saving the seeds of your prized and most unusual harvests, you will have a better chance of repeating the same great qualities next year. Seeds saved from produce grown in your yard year after year will begin to develop a strain of fruits that have evolved to survive optimally in your exact growing conditions.


Newsletter – Summer 2010


Is it just me, or is it hot out here? The heat of July, combined with its exquisitely timed rain showers, has been an incredible blessing, and welcomed change, on all of our gardens, I’m sure. Warmth-loving tomatoes are exploding, giving us our first red gems by now! This year’s peppers have already dwarfed those of last season, and the all-around vegetative growth of all things squash is a sight to see!

We’re including a number of gardening tips and suggestions here that will hopefully help your garden give you the best harvests and most luscious growth possible! Of course, we at Urban Eatin’ Gardeners’ Co-Op will be extraordinarily happy to come and take care of any of the hard work!