We Get You Growing
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In-ground Veggie Garden

This back-yard got an in-ground veggie garden, with a trellis along the existing deck. An apple tree and some other edible perennials were also planted. A three-tiered raised bed was placed by the deck steps for culinary herbs.

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Veggie Beds & Perennials

Clients in Transcona South had a blank, muddy slate to build upon. They wanted to grow vegetables with their kids, and create some border areas for privacy, interest and wildlife. We worked with a larger landscaper to do the final grading and sodding, while we installed the raised beds, rain barrels and perennial beds. The back corners of the yard used lots of shrubs (such as dogwoods and ninebarks) that will grow to fill in the spaces, while the front area uses a variety of beautiful shade-tolerant perennials (ferns, hostas, brunnera, bregenia).

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Cedar Beds & Patio Raising

In the front yard, we placed two 4x’8′ cedar beam beds for front yard growing, in style. The backyard needed an old DIY patio to be redone — raised with a proper gravel base and sloped away from house. We redid some of the back garden edging with reclaimed fir, and will finish next season.

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Workplace Veggies

We worked with McFadden Benefits’ Wellness Service to install this company veggie bed for a workplace’s wellness program. We installed it with some of the employees, and did a planting workshop to plant the veggies (and some herbs). Rabbits were an issue, so we put the lettuce in some hanging baskets and focused on rabbit-resistant crops in the raised bed itself. The employees tended it for the season and got to share the rewards amongst themselves. It’s a great way to have employees get outside and talk about growing nutritious food, and eating it too.

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Westwood Veggie & Perennial

This backyard is a combination of vegetables, herbs and perennials. A rabbit fence was put up for the veggie area, along with an arbor over the gate. The grass was mostly removed to make space for an array of perennials, many of which are edible.

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Tuxedo Frontyard Veggie Garden

It’s a bold move to turn your whole front-yard into an in-ground veggie and herb garden, especially in Tuxedo. We helped do the initial design and installation (sod removal, paths, soaker hose timer system, raised beds on side of house, compost bin, rain barrel, potting bench). We have helped our client year after year including many mentorship sessions for the gardening and also processing the harvest. The area closest to the road is the most troublesome spot due to the salty snow placed their each winter, so it is now planted with some salt-tolerant native perennials. Deer are also an ongoing issue — there is a “scarecrow” motion detecting sprinkler around to scare them off.

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Long Raised Bed

This 24′ x 2′ raised bed makes it easier to garden and keep the grass at bay. This used the economical option of building it out of spruce 2″x10″s, double-high (for about 19″ high), and we use Lifetime Wood Treatment to extend the life of the wood a little (mineral-based and food-safe). It doesn’t necessarily keep rabbits from eating your plants, but it does deter them a little (they don’t like being so exposed).

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Triple-high Raised Bed

We installed this triple-high raised be in a small backyard in the north-end. It had less light than is ideal for growing vegetables, so we chose the spot with the most sunlight and heat, and it has produced well over the years.