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Urban Eatin’ helps Soulfude make some raised garden beds

“We’ve started this year by building two more raised garden beds and connecting with people who have been successful in coaxing food from urban yards. They are the beautiful and funny souls at Urban Eatin’ Gardeners’ Workers Coop and Patrick Elazar – someone I worked with for years without realizing he was secretly a very wise, very eco-friendly urban homesteader. Thankfully, his secret was revealed when he made a presentation at a food security conference.”

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The Ornamental Edible Garden — Mixing Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits Into a Potager Garden

(from Canadian Gardening magazine)

Blend your fruits, vegetables and herbs with the flowers in your garden to create a potager.

Potage: French for soup. Potager: a garden where soup ingredients—and then some—are grown. Since medieval times, French villagers and country folk have intermingled vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers in their gardens. It’s a style that’s presently enjoying a revival. A recent survey showed that almost one-quarter of the fruit and vegetables eaten by the French are grown in home gardens—not in long rows on broad tracts of land, but in manageable beds tucked into yards that also contain perennials, shrubs, vines, roses and all.


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Cob Oven Building Workshop in Winnipeg

June 25th-26th, and July 2nd 2011

Join cob oven master and Urban Eatin’ member Paolo Riva for an in-depth session on building a cob oven.

Cob is a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water that is a very versatile building material, with a plethora of uses. Because cob functions as an excellent thermal mass, it’s perfect for oven construction. The radiant heat it provides is perfect for cooking, and is most especially suited to bread-baking and pizza. This workshop will cover the construction of a wood-fired oven from the ground up.


Triple-bin Composting System
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Eco-friendly Triple-bin Composting System

Whether you have a large backyard or are involved in a community project that would like to begin composting — Urban Eatin’s new custom designed triple-bin composting system might be just what you need. It is designed to be effective — with removable sections for easy dumping, turning and harvesting of your compost — and they are built ecologically — from salvaged shipping palette wood right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Prices vary depending on your specific needs and delivery destination.


Message from Food Matters Manitoba


We think Food should be a Provincial Election Issue! Rising food costs across the province, the continuing loss of farmers each year and rising health care costs are just some of the reasons action around food is needed and should be part of the election this fall!

What slogan would you use to raise Food as an issue in the 2011 Provincial Election? Share your idea (6 words max.) and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to the St.Norbert Farmers’ Market! This slogan will be visible on signs that can be on display at homes, businesses, etc. Deadline is Thursday, May 12! Send an e-mail to communications@foodmattersmanitoba.ca to enter.


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Newsletter: Spring 2011

Time to embrace the onset of Spring!

There are so many things to think of in order to start preparing for the upcoming gardening season — it is easy to become overwhelmed, as well as incredibly excited. Allow us to provide you with some ideas of how you could be spending your spare time right now in order to have an easier start to your Spring.


  • Start your own Seeds!
  • Garden Designing: Even Under Snow!
  • Fruiting Trees and Shrubs
  • Plan with Timing for Cover Crops
  • Know Your Soil – Urban Eatin’ Soil Testing


Manitoba Eco-network’s Rain Barrel Fundraising Sale

In Support of Manitoba Eco-Network’s outreach activities and environmental projects.

Pre-order a rain barrel for $60

Available only in terracotta (grey barrels are sold out). Standard features for rain barrels include a top filter basket, top-side overflow and barrel to barrel connector, overflow hose and a bottom-side spigot with garden hose thread. The rain barrels are reconditioned food containers with a capacity of approx. 220 litres (approx 1m tall and .6m in diameter).


Newsletter – Winter 2010

Contrary to popular opinion, Winnipeg’s winters do NOT mean that we need to stop gardening! No sir indeed.  Some of the most fun and unique gardens’ time to thrive is during the depths of wintertude’s frigidity.  From windowsills to simple fluorescents to high intensity discharge bulbs, we believe that growing anything is possible in the right indoor environment.  There’s a chance you may be starving for that garden-fresh basil or wishing you had a hot habanero to pluck from its home.  It is easy to lack and miss the greenage that summer gives us, but despair not!  Urban Eatin’ can help you get set up with all the equipment and knowledge for producing a lush growing environment in your own home, conforming the gardenspace to any nook or cranny in your kitchen, living room, closet, or basement!  We can set you up with the rig to grow anything from a daily dose of fresh lettuce, to wintertime tomatoes!


Newsletter – Fall 2010

urbaneatin@gmail.com www.urbaneatin.com

While all good things must come to an end,
in this case, thankfully, the end is really quite temporary and can be the start of an entirely new and exciting gardening experience. As we all begin to wrap up our gardens, taking a look at what did well where, there are some things to keep in mind that can greatly enhance next year’s gardening season!

Saving the seeds from your plants has a number of rewards. Not only will you ensure a lower amount of money spent on seeds and seedlings in the Spring, you can take some really cool steps toward customizing your produce! See a tomato plant ripen unusually early with fatter, juicier fruits this year? Find some cucumbers that dwarfed all the others? The traits of taste, appearance and growth habit can be passed on through the fruits into the seeds, and by saving the seeds of your prized and most unusual harvests, you will have a better chance of repeating the same great qualities next year. Seeds saved from produce grown in your yard year after year will begin to develop a strain of fruits that have evolved to survive optimally in your exact growing conditions.


Urban Eatin' at Car Free Day 2010 Winnipeg
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Car Free Day 2010 in Winnipeg

by the Green Action Centre

On Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Winnipeg joined thousands of cities all over the world by closing part of our territory to car traffic for Car Free Day. It was a rainy day, but a good time was had by all. Congratulations to William Belford, winner of the Track Stand Competition, and thanks to Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Coop for creating a beautiful temporary green-space out of a parking spot. We hope you will join us in 2011!


“No Sweat” on Green Page — Winnipeg Free Press

Feeling disconnected with nature? Want to get in touch with your inner farmer?
Urban Eatin’ may be for you.

The Urban Eatin’ Gardeners’ Co-op will hold your hand through the entire perplexing process of growing a vegetable garden. Not only will it recommend what vegetables grow best in your yard, it will design and plant them into a esthetically pleasing, densely packed, English garden-style vegetable patch. It will even tend the garden, if you want. “It’s come to this!” an older generation can feel entitled to say. Consultants to plant a garden!

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Newsletter – Summer 2010


Is it just me, or is it hot out here? The heat of July, combined with its exquisitely timed rain showers, has been an incredible blessing, and welcomed change, on all of our gardens, I’m sure. Warmth-loving tomatoes are exploding, giving us our first red gems by now! This year’s peppers have already dwarfed those of last season, and the all-around vegetative growth of all things squash is a sight to see!

We’re including a number of gardening tips and suggestions here that will hopefully help your garden give you the best harvests and most luscious growth possible! Of course, we at Urban Eatin’ Gardeners’ Co-Op will be extraordinarily happy to come and take care of any of the hard work!


Newsletter – Spring 2010

What a Spring!

We’ve all undoubtedly been teased by the warmth of the last few weeks, and the excitement for working in the garden can be overwhelming! While most things are most certainly best left until a safe planting date at the beginning of June, there are always things that can be done to get the garden ready for some serious growing.

Plan your garden! Pick a day with a few free hours and stroll around your yard, using the black earth and green grass as a blank canvas for your imagination. Picture colours, smells, and tastes and try to place them in the physical space of your garden-to-be. Envisioning the potential for new or larger beds will help you realize how much your space is capable of! If you’re at a creative block but know you want to build on your growing area, give us a call for garden designs!


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Want to make your yard more beautiful AND edible?

Members of the Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Co-op are willing and able to help you achieve this.

We offer a wide diversity of services to help you develop your yard into a paradise filled with organic herbs, veggies and fruit… all yours to enjoy.

Add colour to your yard and to your plate! For the love of nature; for the love of beauty; for the love of learning; or for the love of healthy food!