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Urban Eatin’ offers consultations to help you make the most out of your yard and discuss how we can be of service to you. Our experienced gardeners will aid you in diagnosing problem areas and making the most of your space. We will follow-up with a summary email of our discussions. The consultation also serves as the first stage in hiring Urban Eatin' to create your new garden design, at which point we will carefully analyze your sunlight, soil quality, and, most importantly, your goals and dreams for your new edible wonderland! If your project is simple and straightforward (no design required), Urban Eatin' can follow-up with an estimate of the work discussed.

Consultations cost $50 (includes GST, payable online or by cash or cheque). During our busy season (April-June) we book several weeks in advance, so booking early is best (fall is actually the best time to meet, to prepare for the next season!). Allow for approx. 45-min to discuss the project. We prefer to meet during weekdays, but will do so in the early evening if you work during the day (let us know when you get home).

If we move forward to create a garden design or planting plan after the consultation, it will be personalized based on our conversation and site analysis. You may wish for a very productive vegetable and fruit garden, or a low-maintenance herb or native perennial garden. You will have a chance to review the garden design prior to any installation, ensuring it suits all of your needs. Design oriented consults are requested to fill out our Garden Vision form. The cost of design work varies based on the goals, scope and details of the project. If design work is needed after a consultation, we will offer an estimate for the design work at the end of the consultation.

After submitting the form below, expect to hear back from us within 1-2 business days.

Note our 2017 FREE CONSULTATION offer has filled up already, you can still contact us for a regular consultation this fall.

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