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Compost Bin (triple)

$480.00 plus applicable taxes

Compost bin (triple, approx. 3' x 9' x 3')

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Every backyard should have a good compost bin (aka ‘composter’) to divert organic waste from the landfill and recycle those nutrients back into your garden! Our bins are built from reclaimed pallet wood. The triple-bin system is 9′ long, 3′ deep, and 3′ tall. You can even pay online for a single, double, or triple-bin, which includes delivery and GST. We get very busy in the spring, so build and delivery times vary. Our bins are usually slightly wider than 3′, so please check your gates/doorways. They are often 3’3″, but vary a bit based on the lumber we use. We may be able to lift a bin over the fence, or remove a board (or the gate) to fit into tighter spaces, but we will need to know this in advance of delivery.


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