We Get You Growing

Every backyard should have a good compost bin (aka 'composter') to divert organic waste from the landfill and recycle the nutrients back into your garden! Community gardens or larger operations may need something bigger -- such as a triple-bin composting system. Urban Eatin' compost bins are custom-designed to be eco-friendly, highly effective and affordable, and are built right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


We are proud to say that our 3’x3’x3’ (1-yard) compost bins are built using mostly (if not all) salvaged wood! We re-purpose the wood from scrapped shipping pallets and the waste of construction sites.


Effective (and easy)!

These sturdy bins are built with a removable top lid & front door to make it very easy to access the compost pile. They also come with a front ‘kicker’ to make turning the compost easier. Here is a brief instructional page (PDF) on how to use our single compost bin.

Why this bin works...

  • It allows easy access for a garden fork/spade.
  • It allows air-flow and moisture into the pile.
  • It can hold a large quantity of material.
  • More durable than plastic bins.
  • Each 3’ wooden slat can be replaced as needed, using either nails or screws.
  • It won’t end up in the landfill – whereas most plastic bins will one day break and be landfilled.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how much more effective our design is in comparison to the plastic bins available in stores and through the City of Winnipeg!



You can order one of our personal single-bin compost bins for $160 (delivery included). This is similar to the price you will pay for the standard black plastic composting bins available in stores and provided by the City of Winnipeg, but will include all of the additional benefits described above. The triple-bin system is $480 (delivery included), and double-bin system is $290 (delivery included).


Buy Your Compost Bin Online

You can use our online shop to pay for and order your compost bin, or contact us!

Note: Delivery within Winnipeg. Delivery times may vary and are dependent upon availability. Our bins are usually slightly wider than 3', so please check your gates/doorways. They are often 3'3", but vary a bit based on the lumber we use. We may be able to lift a bin over the fence, or remove a board (or the gate) to fit into tighter spaces, but we will need to know this in advance of delivery.




Key Benefits of Backyard Composting

   Reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill
   Produce the best natural garden fertilizer you can get
   Reduce the amount of yard waste bags you use