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We build custom accessories for for gardens, such as raised-beds, trellises, pergolas, etc. These can not only help you grow more vegetables and fruits, but can also add to the beauty of your space. Urban Eatin’ has helped people with these items, such as:

  • Compost Bins (single/double/triple)
  • Raised Beds (a.k.a. Planter boxes)
  • Trellises
  • Cold-frames
  • Arbors & Pergolas
  • Rain Barrel stands
  • and more...


Compost Bins

Every yard should have a good compost bin to help divert household organic waste and to help enable the recycling of nutrients back into your yard! Urban Eatin’ compost bins are eco-friendly, highly effective and affordable.


Raised Beds

Urban Eatin' will help you design and build custom raised-beds (a.k.a. planters, garden boxes). They come in many shapes and sizes, and serve various purposes:

  • Raising your vegetable gardens off of the ground, making the garden bed more accessible and easier on your back.
  • Containing your soil (and ensuring no contamination).
  • Visually separating your garden space from the paths and open spaces.
  • Can facilitate children, elderly, and wheel-chair access to your garden.


Rain Barrels & Totes

We can source 55-gallon rain barrels and 275-gallon rain totes for rain water catchment. We can provide stands and installation services as well.



Trellises & Pergolas

Trellises come in handy when you are growing certain vegetables or fruits that need some support, such as beans, cucumbers, peas, and nasturtiums. Urban Eatin' can help you build one to suit your needs, as every garden space is different. Pergolas have also been made, which create a larger covered space, and an opportunity for vines to grow vertically and horizontally to cover the space during the summer months (when shade is nice).



Cold-frames can help extend the short growing season in Winnipeg. They are typically quite small, in order to maximize the concentration of heat. Urban Eatin' has custom designed various kinds, often using salvaged windows. One design also includes a cold-frame with an auto heat-venting system (enough heat will mechanically open a vent). Buying a small batch of cold-frames (3+) is recommended.