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Urban Eatin’ offers consultations to help you understand how to make the most out of your garden and yard. You may wish for a very productive vegetable and fruit garden, or a low-maintenance aesthetic herb or native perennial garden, or both! Our experienced gardeners can also aid you in diagnosing problem areas and making the most of your garden spaces. Every yard space is different and it is important for us to come to grips with what you would like us to do for you and establish what we have to work with. For example:

  • Is your yard shady? Is there much sun exposure? At what times of day?
  • What type of growing and gardening do you want in your yard?
  • Would you need to remove any existing barriers (e.g. sod, gravel, etc) for a new garden?
  • Do you need a hardscaped pathway or patio?
  • Do you want to do the gardening yourself or hire us to help?
  • Do you need a long-term design to work towards?

Request Consultation

To book your consultation, you can call us at 204-770-2204, email us, or fill out our online Consultation Request Form.

Consultations are $80 (includes GST, payable by cheque, cash or online). Consultations include a summary follow-up email with some notes from our discussions. If you would like detailed notes, descriptive plant or garden suggestions, we can provide those for $50/hr after the consultation. Note that a consultation does not include a design, which is often the second step. During our busy season (April-June) we book several weeks in advance, so the earlier you book the better (Fall is actually the best season to prepare for the next season!). We prefer to meet during weekdays, but will do so in the early evening if you work during the day.

The consultation can serve as the first step in hiring Urban Eatin’ to create a new Garden Design. If, by the end of the consultation, you are happy to commit to having us do a design for your yard, we may be able to stay after the consultation for the design's initial meeting, at which point we will carefully analyze your sunlight and soil quality, measure your yard and infrastructure and, most importantly, further explore your goals and dreams for your new edible wonderland!

Garden & Landscape Designs

Following a consultation, we can create a personalized garden and landscape design based on our conversation at the consultation and an initial site survey. You may wish for a very productive vegetable and fruit garden, a low-maintenance aesthetic herb or native perennial garden, or a reclaimed brick patio with a pergola overtop. We construct raised beds, install garden pathways, herb spirals, trellises, rain water catchment, etc. You will have a chance to review the garden design prior to any installation, ensuring it suits all of your needs. You are also free to implement the design yourself, rather than having us install the design.

We will offer an estimate (+/- 10%) for the design work at the end of the consultation, or in the consultation’s follow-up email.

The cost of design work varies based on the goals, scope and details of the project. Some consist of planting plans for existing garden beds, others require the design of your garden infrastructure (placement and shape of garden beds, placement and style of pathways/patios, watering and composting systems, etc.).


Garden Vision & Design Form

Together we will tailor the garden beds and yard design to suit your desires. You may then choose to have us come and implement the plan: collecting the seedlings, procuring the seeds, and installing your dream garden in your yard, along with some other infrastructure if needed (such as pathways, seating, pergolas, etc.).

When designing and developing a landscape, thorough planning is well worth the time and effort. To help us understand you and your goals better, please fill out this questionnaire as best you can prior to the consultation or design. We realize that you are likely busy and may not have the time to get through all of the questions (and some may not be relevant to your project) -- just do what you can.

Complete Garden Vision & Design Form Here


Key Benefits of Consultations

We get to know you and your yard. Our design, installation and maintenance services are all geared towards your needs.

   Produce vegetables and fruits for fresh picking
  Support the environment by growing important pollinator and habitat plants
  Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age