We Get You Growing

After the consultation and/or design, we will provide an estimate or quote for us to complete any work as discussed. If approved, we will come to your yard and do the work for you. We will:

  • Source your materials from local, organic or natural suppliers whenever possible
  • Prepare the site and install what you need
  • Plant your vegetables, herbs, shrubs, etc. (unless you hope to do this yourself)
  • Phase the installation if it makes sense for the garden or for your budget

We do not offer large-scale mechanically-intensive landscaping (such as projects requiring a backhoe). If you already have a larger-scale landscaping project planned, we’d love to be consulted prior to it beginning (especially before your whole yard is sodded), in order to help you plan ahead for an ideal vegetable/herb garden space.

Installations above $1000 require a 50% deposit (and any previous invoices paid in full). Scheduling is done on a first approved, first installed basis. In the spring, there is a priority to plant any client's annual vegetables and build beds that will be used for vegetables (which must be planted by a certain date).



Key Benefits of Installation

  We take pride in working with local, reclaimed and organic materials when possible
  We are happy to work projects in stages to accommodate your schedule/budget and ensure plants are planted in seasonally appropriate times
  We are properly insured, covered by WCB and have several certified arborists on staff