We Get You Growing

You may not have the time, resources or know-how to maintain your existing or new garden beds, so you can call us to help with your spring, summer and fall maintenance. Anything from plant care, garden clean-up, vegetable and fruit harvesting (which we will place aside for you) and even turning your compost pile. We will also share some tips and instructions with you if you wish to learn. Note that we do not offer lawn care services (such as mowing).

Maintenance that is scheduled in advance using our maintenance agreements is eligible for a 18% reduced rate (minimum 5-months of monthly visits). We can send you our Maintenance Service Agreement in advance, but we will have to meet you on-site for a consultation before we can provide an estimate for your personalized maintenance agreement.

Regular Garden Maintenance for designated areas and garden beds includes: weeding, deadheading, pruning and shaping of perennials, trees/shrubs, trimming & training vines, rose maintenance, cleaning garden beds, watering (if required). Additional services that can fall under the maintenance agreement are:

  • Spring clean-up (possibility of soil amendments, mulch replenishment)
  • Spring planting/seeding of annuals, or planting/transplanting of perennials/trees/shrubs (in small quantities)
  • Edible and medicinal plant harvesting (left for your personal use)
  • Compost pile turning and bin maintenance
  • Compost tea application (optional)
  • Rain barrel maintenance
  • Fall clean-up (possibility of soil amendments, mulch replenishment)
  • Fall planting/transplanting of perennials/trees/shrubs (in small quantities)
  • Post-visit feedback on plant health/concerns, harvesting edibles/medicinal, food processing techniques

Garden Sitting

You may be leaving your garden’s side for an extended period of time, and will need someone trustworthy to ‘garden sit’ for you. We can do that too. Watering services are quite costly in the heat of the summer, so we recommend finding a friend/family/neighbour to do the watering for you, although we can install a timer soaker hose system if you'd like. If the watering is taken care of, we can stop by weekly or bi-weekly to check on the plants and ensure everything is taken care of while you are away.



Key Benefits of Maintenance

   We do our best to use holistic gardening methods, hand-weeding and integrated pest management (we do not use chemicals)
   We offer feedback on what you could do differently in your garden to prevent weeds or be more productive
   We can do small tree and shrub pruning with certified arborists on staff