We Get You Growing

We can integrate pathways, patios, retaining walls and other hardscaping features in your garden and yard. It could be a new pathway through your garden, redoing your front walkway or adding a patio in the backyard. Our passion is to work with natural stone and reclaimed brick and pavers, although we can use the more standard concrete pavers (such as Barkman pavers). We excel in smaller spaces, using people power to excavate and lay stone.

For hardscaping, we excavate a minimum of 7-inches down, then place landscape fabric, 1/4"-down limestone (compacted), and sand (for laying stone). Patterns can vary, but if working with natural stone or reclaimed products, we have to work with what is available. We do have a concrete saw for custom cutting/shaping. Proper grading for water drainage is also important when installing new hardscapes, so be sure to watch where where water pools and gets released from downspouts.

Some projects can be designed to allow space for plants in between stones, with a popular one being creeping thyme.

Any hardscaping work requires a call- or click-before-you-dig. When hardscaping close to established trees/shrubs, it will disturb the root system and cause stress to the plant(s).


Key Benefits of Hardscaping Paths/Patios

   Reduces soil compaction where you are walking/sitting
   Provides easy to clean pathways throughout yard/garden
   Many unique materials/patterns to choose from