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It is our mission to get children excited about the joys and benefits of vegetable and herb gardens. We love working with educators, parents and students to build environmentally sustainable communities through low-impact design, hands-on activities and education.

Raised-bed Vegetable Gardens at Grosvenor School
Raised-bed Vegetable Gardens at Grosvenor School

Our goal is to assist students, parents and educators in ECOLOGICAL & ACTIVE nature-based learning. We have created engaging and interactive programming for grades K-12 which can easily be adapted to suit the needs of your school. We offer our services of consultation, design, carpentry and outdoor learning facilitation to help your school realize its GROWING POTENTIAL.

We strive to involve students in every step of establishing your school garden.

“It’s very rewarding for the children to learn about food sustainably, and the hands-on component was very engaging for the students. At recess we often see the students nibbling on the herbs trying and tasting each of them.”
– Brad Corbett, Grosvenor School

Building Your School Garden:

Students will be involved in creating a garden from the ground up.

  • Garden Design & Development
  • Hands-on Construction
  • Outdoor Classrooms
  • Garden Clubs & Summer Maintenance

Eco-Literacy School ProgrammingUrban Eatin’ will be your garden consultants and coordinate gardening activities with the students at your school throughout the year. View our Eco-Literacy School Programming booklet for more information.

Our experiential learning modules include:

  • Seed Starting: Starting Your Garden Indoors
  • Butterfly Gardens: Attracting Pollinators
  • Companion Planting: With a Three Sisters Garden
  • Compost Systems: Building Compost Bins & Skills
  • Fall Wrap-up: Putting Your Garden to Bed
  • Garden to Table: Feasting from the Garden

Cost will vary depending on the number of participants, workshops, materials and locations. Please fill out our online workshop request form, then we can discuss details. We make every effort to work within your budget.

“We have been so pleased with all of the creative ideas that Mark and Naomi have brought to enhance our school garden, as well as their wonderful enthusiasm in their education to all of us. From their expertise on use of space and successful weed control to sharing their knowledge of planting and growing vegetables, herbs, and plants in general – we have enjoyed every minute... even the weeding!”
– Kristen, F.W. Gilbert School in Pinawa

Some Winnipeg schools with whom we have worked:

  • Brooklands School: De-pave Paradise Volunteer Day in conjunction with MB Eco-network. Design, raised beds (spruce and reclaimed fir/hemlock beams), in-ground perennial beds (some edible), arbor, seating logs and limestone boulders.
  • Wolseley School: Planting workshops, planting worbee with kids, tree planting, some maintenance, some mini-raised beds
  • Grosvenor School: Raised-bed gardens, workshops, pop bottle herb garden & compost bin
  • J. B. Mitchell School: Seed starting workshops & garden design
  • Wellington School: Maintenance & work-bees
  • David Livingstone School: Seed starting workshops & raised-beds
  • Wayfinders: Gardening Club, Seed Starting,
  • F.W. Gilbert School (Pinawa, MB): Planting workshops

Some Funding / Grants for Winnipeg School Garden Projects:

As these funding programs change every year, please check their websites for current information.

For more information on funding environmental projects, visit the MB Eco-Network funding guide.