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Workshop Information

Urban Eatin' is passionate about providing an educational component with its edible gardening and low-impact landscaping services. Having a member base with a broad spectrum of abilities, skills,and vast experiences, we aim to share our knowledge for the purposes of enriching others' lives through horticulture. Fill out our online workshop request form to inquire about booking an Urban Eatin' for a workshop, seminar or lecture. We do not typically host our own workshops, but rather help other groups/organizations facilitate workshops (see a list of some organizations at the bottom of this section).

Urban Eatin' workshop topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Indoor Gardening: We will help you understand the important components that build a healthy indoor growing environment and how to achieve and maintain this space throughout the year, growing a thriving edible indoor zone.
  • Edible Garden Design: Learn the basic strategies we use when developing a garden design for any space. Explore the countless varieties of edible and beautiful plants that can adorn your garden or balcony.
  • Compost Management: We can probably agree that the most important part of any growing space is a healthy soil. As stewards of the land, it is therefore our responsibility and pleasure to be able to start bringing our organic waste back into a vibrant and self-perpetuating system. Learn how to have a successful composting system at your home, school, or community centre! Also, check out Urban Eatin's composting bins!
  • Seed Starting: Seed starting time is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially in Winnipeg! Let us help you create a small indoor zone in which you can start your own seedlings for an economical and safe head-start into the gardening season! (Fall classes available for direct fall seeding or seeding for indoor growing as well)
  • Seed Saving: By saving our own seeds each year, we can take the first steps in becoming fully independent gardeners. This timeless art is a beautiful way to bring a community together as people discuss, save, and share different seeds from their favorite harvests.
  • Edible Container Gardening: In order to maximize the spaces we have to produce as much tasty food as possible, we often need to turn to container gardens to house our favorite foods. Let's explore the important components of healthy container soil, organic fertilization techniques, watering strategies and plant selection. There are so many tasty varieties of vegetables and herbs that work so perfectly in pots!

Please fill out our online workshop request form and then we can discuss pricing, group options, availability, and book your workshops for this season!

In Winnipeg, a surprising amount of gardening workshops are going on at all times! Check out these sources for great educational opportunities



Introducing fermented foods, traditional and cultured uses, nutrition and the microbiology behind ferments. Resources, demystifying, tips & safety.


In this 2 hour event, attendees can expect to learn all about the science behind and unique flavours of fermented vegetables. As always, there will be food and drink sampling to tantalize the tastebuds as well as a DIY kraut station featuring produce from local sources. Participants will leave this skill share with knowledge and hands-on experience plus an artful and informative booklet to accompany their new, bubbly creation.


Another 2 hour event hosted by Edible Alchemy on homemade soda pops and vinegars. Using yeasts in the air and starter cultures like water kefir grains participants will learn how to transform their favourite fruits and flavours into fizzy drinks or raw vinegars. This event will feature probiotic food and drink samples, a DIY soda station, an artful info booklet to take home and always, bubbling conversation. Starter cultures will be available for sale.


Infusing probiotics and nutrition into common condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, chutney and salad dressing. Sugar laden and denatured


A 2 hour skillshare event all about cultured dairy and vegan cheeses. In our discussions we will talk about the history of cultured dairy and the many forms it takes around the world as well as health benefits. Snacks and drinks highlighting cultured dairy and dairy-free cheeses will be available and participants will go home with a seed cheese of their own in addition to an artful, informative booklet. Starter cultures will be available for sale.

Suggested Duration per workshop: 2 hours.