School Gardens & Workshops

Brooklands School community garden event was a success. Will your school be next!?

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Raised Garden Beds

Many urban residents choose to garden in wooden raised beds. They can come in many forms — we can offer economical spruce beds, reclaimed fir and hemlock beds, and cedar beam beds. Stone/brick and metal are also options.

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Garden & Landscaping Services

Transforming your underused spaces—yards, balconies, school grounds, building exteriors, you name it—into welcoming, beautiful, food-and-habitat-producing systems that are environmentally sensitive, sustainable and organic!

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Salvaged-Wood Compost Bins

Every backyard should have a good compost bin (aka ‘composter’) to divert organic waste from the landfill and recycle the nutrients back into your garden! We offer single, double and triple bins.

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Projects & Services

Rain Barrels / Totes

We can source 55-gallon rain barrels and 275-gallon rain totes for rain ...

Vegetable Gardens

Our favourite projects are in-ground vegetable gardens. We feel they are the ...

Raised-bed Gardens

Some people prefer gardening in raised-beds, which have many benefits that offset ...

Herbs & Native Perennials

Perennial herbs and native prairie plants are a great way to add ...

Fruiting Trees, Shrubs & Vines

Plants that create fruit for people or wildlife are a great investment ...

Garden Maintenance

We can help maintain your vegetable and perennial herb gardens during the ...

Community & School Gardens

We have done work with quite a number of schools, community organizations, ...

Corporate Gardens

We have done work with companies to establish and maintain beautiful and ...

Workshops & Mentorship

Edible education is part of our mission — yes that’s right, education that ...
4'x5' Trellis

Garden Accessories

We build custom accessories for for gardens, such as pergolas, cold-frames, trellises, ...

Compost Bins

Every backyard should have a good compost bin (aka ‘composter’) to divert ...

What Our Clients Say

We are thrilled with the bounty of vegetables that our box gardens have produced – for two years in a row now.  The Urban Eatin’ team has helped build our confidence and knowledge as gardeners.  We’re thinking about another box for next spring.  Thank you Urban Eatin’ team!

– Jayne & Rhonda -

Love the work they did on my front yard this past week. It looks great, they were able to complete an additional, last minute task, and it still came in under my budget! Thrilled isn’t a strong enough word!

– Lauren K Lauren (via Facebook) -

“It’s very rewarding for the children to learn about food sustainably, and the hands-on component is very engaging for the students. At recess we often see the students nibbling on the herbs trying and tasting each of them.”

– Brad Corbett, Past Principal of Grosvenor Elementary School -

The garden has been amazing – a bit overwhelming at times in terms of how much it’s produced, but between freezing, canning, and family and friends it’s worked out well.

I’ve really appreciated how much easier it is to work with the new beds; they fit the space and what I wanted to grow really well.

Thanks very much for checking in, and for the continued support.

– Gill